Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Los Feliz

High Trilling Manor, J.W. Roberts, Architect 1925William Mulholland Memorial Fountain, Walter S. Clayberg, Designer, 1940Shakespeare Bridge, J.C. Wright (Los Angeles City Engineering Office) 1926Midtown School, John Lautner, Architect 1960Shakespeare Bridge, Los FelizHaigh House, Wesley Eager, Architect, 1935
Shakespeare Bridge, J.C. Wright, L.A. City Engineer's Office, 1926KCET StudiosThe House of the Seven Dwarves, Ben Sherwood, Contractor, 1931Griffith Park Observatory, 2007Cedars Estate, Xorin Balbes, Sue Wong & Zoltan Papp, Restoration 2003-2004Schrage House, Raphael Soriano, Architect, 1951
Taggart House, Lloyd Wright, Architect 1922 (Eric Lloyd Wright, Remodel 2006)Earle C. Anthony House, Bernard Maybeck, Architect 1927Earle C. Anthony House, Bernard Maybeck, Architect 1927Lovell Health House, R. Neutra Architect 1929Lovell Health House, R. Neutra Architect 1929Lovell Health House, R. Neutra Architect 1929
Hollyhock House, Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect 1921Barbara Bestor House, Barbara Bestor, Architect 2007Martin Schall & Barbara Bestor, Oct. 19, 2008Esta Sullivan, Victor Carter Residence, October 19, 2008Coe Villa, George R. Perry, Architect 1930Gustaf Larson Residence, C. J. Smale, Architect c.1927

Los Feliz, a set on Flickr.

Donna and I packed our bags and moved from Silver Lake to Los Feliz in November 2007. We were fortunate to relocate to a fantastic old Spanish Revival house, formerly the home of the Beaton Family of radio fame. William Beaton was President and Chairman of the Board of KIEV Radio 1961-1985 (his sons Fred and Ron took control of the station after his death). Shortly after moving in, Donna and I attended a New Year's Eve party in Silver Lake at the home of Dave Keitel and Shelley Marks (Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy). Tom LaBonge was among the guests that evening; as we shared about our move from Silver Lake to Los Feliz Tom inquired, "Where in Los Feliz?" After giving him our new address, he immediately replied, "Oh, you live in the Beaton House, I used to go swimming there as a child."

While we still have a great affection for Silver Lake, Los Feliz is our new home and we are really enjoying being on a "perpetual holiday"! Living at the foot of Griffith Park with its unspoiled trails and living in our dream home and appreciating the beautiful architecture as well as our neighbors has been a dream come true.

Walking the neighborhood, I plan on bringing my camera along as often as possible. I trust you will share my appreciation for Los Feliz in the pictures and stories about our community. Visit us regularly and enjoy the journey!

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