Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gurdwara Vermont Sikh Temple, Concept Techology Architects 1996

The Sikh religion originated in the 15th century with the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev (1469-1539) originated in the Punjab region of North India who taught the need for "loving devotion to God that cannot be perceived in human or any other form", according to the Harper Collins Dictionary of Religion. Anyone who followed his teachings was called a "learner"--a Sikh.

The temple was dedicated on April 20, 1996, at which time professor Manjit Singh, the supreme and highest spiritual and temporal authority of the Sikh religion visited from India, exhorting Sikhs to "turn from disunity, ego, greed, pride and intoxicants, and to seek the virtues of humility, selfless service, sweetness, dedication and devotion".

The temple is located at 1966 North Vermont Avenue.

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